Earlier in my career, I was an advertising creative, helping brands like Intel, Audi, HBO, Sprint, Napster, and many others speak to a global audience. 


For Intel, we launched the future-forward “Sponsors of Tomorrow” campaign in forty countries — focusing on the unconventional, innovative genius of employees rather than the power of microchips.

To launch the brand new Audi Q5, we highlighted how it stood out from the rest of the SUV herd.

In this quirky Embassy Suites campaign, we focus on the impeccable choice of the hotel chain for business travel.

Back in 2001 before viral videos were even a thing, we took the Napster logo and turned him into a character that became synonymous with music. These NapsterBits were passed around the internet like crazy at a time when AOL dial-up was still considered speedy.

Extending campaigns with innovative outdoor installations is both fun and effective at turning heads in big cities.